Dance Studio - New to PopGirl

Want to Swagger Jagger like Cher Lloyd, dance the Waka Waka with Shakira or Whip your Hair like Willow Smith? Well, tune into PopGirl’s brand new show Dance Studio every day at 6.30pm and Arielle and her dancers will show you how!

Each week Arielle will teach you the dance routine to a different music video, giving you easy to follow step-by step instructions on how to perform each move so you can join in and dance along with all your favourite stars including Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole, and Jedward!

Because we’re super excited about the launch of Dance Studio we’ve teamed up with to create a Dance Studio branded auction where you can bid for cool stuff like Pop Party 9 CDs, PopGirl stickers, iTunes Vouchers, exclusive PopGirl postcards signed by Arielle, cute tops and loads more!

If you’ve never been on Swapit before, it’s basically a bit like an Ebay for kids where you can swap things you don’t need for things you want using a virtual currency called swapits points so you don’t have to spend a penny! You can earn swapits points not only by swapping your unwanted stuff but also by taking part in quizzes, playing games and entering competitions. 

You can earn swapits points every day by taking part in our Dance Studio treasure hunt. Just click here to visit our Dance Studio Swapit page, click the “find now” button and then click on the dancer icon hidden somewhere on to automatically win 5 swapits points.

You can also get swapit points by showing your love for Dance Studio and picking one of our cool avatars to add to your Swapit profile.

Click here to find out more and check out our Dance Studio page.

And don’t forget to tune into Dance Studio every day at 6.30pm only on PopGirl. Sky 626 and Freesat 604.

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